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Our Magnetic Bookmarks plus range - always something very special

What motivates to choose a motif, how do these images 'come into life'? What happens during painting, which lines and breaks shows a painting? Our booklet "Stories behind the paintings 1" is a very personal "Gedankenreise" with 21 paintings and stories – combined with a magnetic bookmark "The Marvellous Flower Steps".
Booklet "Stories behind the paintings 1" more
For someone special, we recommend our ‘Mood Palette’ booklet. It explores 21 precious moments in words and watercolours – combined with a magnetic bookmark.
Booklet "Gefühlspalette - 21 Momente des Glücks more
For festive days and memories: Our perpetual calendars will remind you when your family’s special days are, and of the birthdays of your friends and acquaintances. The calendar ‚On the Seahore’ is complemented by three medium-sized magnetic bookmarks.
Magnetic Bookmarks plus 'On the Seashore’ perpetual calendar more
With our ‘Meadows and Gardens’ birthday calendar, you can keep track of the special days of your loved ones. You can flexibly mark the most important dates of the month with the three medium-sized magnetic bookmarks.
Magnetic Bookmarks plus ‘Meadows and Gardens’ birthday calendar more
Our gift sets with coordinated magnetic bookmarks is a token of your appreciation to some special — individual and practical at the same time.
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